Trust and Confidence in Dentistry

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

You may have heard recently the closing of “Half Dental” on the news.  There has been considerable media coverage surrounding this, and naturally, the public is concerned about how Dentists do business.

At Dream Dental, we hold our staff to a very high ethical standards, and our Dentists consider the needs of patients first.  Not only do we foster a culture of compassion, but maintain it through a series of internal controls.  For instance, we conduct off-site quarterly meetings on how we can improve our service.  Although, we are not perfect we strive to making less and less errors.

When trying to find a new Dentist, look at honest social reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google.  You can tell those by looking at the dates of reviews.  Watch out for reviews that skip long periods of time.  This means that the doctor is not really focused on making the care impeccable.

Even though we get 2 star reviews from time to time, we still “hug” our haters. Since those bad reviews make our systems better.

Dream Dental has been in business for over 15 years.  We started from the time when America got slapped in the face during 9/11.  Although that time was very difficult for us, we survived because of our strong philosophy to treat patients with kindness and decency.


Ilya Benjamin, DMD

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Dr. Ilya Benjamin
Written by Dr. Ilya Benjamin
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