Flexible parts in Las Vegas, Nevada

We are proud to offer PERFLEX (Biosens) that is monomer-free, nylon-based thermoplastic partial.



This is a revolutionary material since it is both flexible enough for patient comfort and durable at the same time.

Unlike other offices that require disgusting impression, at Dream Dental we can take digital impressions for both accuracy and ease. If you are suffering from a metal rigit partial, then consider upgrading to a new flexible solution, Perflex.

Desert Dental uses an innovative CAD/CAM technology to mill with the new durable, metal-free Zirlux Acetal material in production of a more accurate, esthetic and comfortable partial.
Specifically, we use Zirlux Acetal framework, a millable thermoplastic material, is a highly crystalline acetal copolymer that possesses high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, low friction, low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability.
With the elimination of metal, Desert Dental can now provide you with a rigid, tooth or tissue-borne partial design that is comfortable, has easy insertion and removability, lacks metal taste, and has no thermal conductivity when drinking hot or cold beverages. Additionally, our Partials can be adjusted chairside and relined with conventional acrylic if necessary.

The Benefits of Flexible Partials

• Precision Fit with CAD/CAM Designed and Milled Technology
• Metal-Free Esthetics – tooth-colored or clear frameworks
• High Tensile and Flexural Strength
• Tooth-Borne or Tissue-Borne Clasp Retention
• Hypoallergenic and Hygienic
• Low Moisture Absorption and Fatigue Resistant
• No Thermal Conductivity
• Lower Mass/Strength Ratio Making the Final Removable Partial Denture Lighter and Improving Patient Comfort