Tourism Dentistry

Tourism Dentistry

Why patients fly to Dream Dental for their implant dentistry?

Trust, Quality and Compassion are main reasons.

When it comes to selecting a dentist for cosmetic or implant dentistry, some patients choose us over their local dentist.  For instance, our in house lab can design and mill temporaries in a day.  Hence, if you had a surgery for “all on four” in the morning, you will get your teeth within 24 hrs.  You may say, what do you do in the time that you don’t have temporaries.  Most patients after surgery go back to the hotel for some rest, especially when they are sedated.  But next day, they come back for delivery for the temporaries.
Although each case is different requiring certain amount of appointments, rest assured that we will explain everything on the phone before you make the commitment to come here.

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Blue Man Group

The avant-garde Blue Man Group combines theatrics, art, music and science to create an interactive, wild and percussion-driven experience full of humor and energy.


World famous dance crew Jabbawockeez presents an audio-visual story of inspiration brought to life through the group’s signature movements and sound.


French for “The Dream,” Le Rêve combines water, fire, swimming, acrobatics and spectacular effects. In this theater no seat is further than 42 feet from the stage.


Rock of Ages at the Venetian brings a raucous mix of rock tunes and explosive performances to audiences in Vegas, set in L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip in 1987.