Cross Arch Stability Is The Best Treatment For A Confident Smile

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

The human body is combination of many organs and limbs; none of which are negligible. No matter, if the part is small or large, it cannot be ignored and needs to be well maintained. However, our faces are a standout, as they carry a bit more significance above the others. Our faces are a major medium in society used to judge the beauty of an individual.Aspects such as the edges of your jawline, shape & size of your eyes & lips are important bits beauty is measured by. Above them both however, is your smile. It is a proven fact that one of the first physical things noticed on an individuals’ face is their smile; moreover, their teeth.

When we talk about the importance of a smile, we are essentially discussing the teeth. Shape, alignment & cleanliness of your teeth plays an integral role in your smile. Hence, if the shape of your teeth is imperfect, it will naturally lead to insecurities. If any of your teeth is missing, the insecurity will only be greater and most likely restricting you from smiling freely.
Through decades of innovation and developments, there have been many advancements made in procedures utilized in the field of dentistry. Dentists have developed various new techniques and treatments address any of a thousand dental issues to make your teeth healthier and looking better than ever. One of the available treatments is “All-On-4”. This treatment is particularly for those individuals with largely/completely compromised teeth due to many-a–reason such as gum disease, breakage,genetics etc…
One of the great conveniences of “All-On-4” is that it is a one day process of installation. The complete “All-On-4” process must be carried out on the same day. In this treatment, you can get a set of 12-14 teeth. The set could be either of upper teeth or lower teeth or even both, upper and lower teeth as well! In certain cases, individuals experience a loss/ degradation in their jawbone structure overtime after they experienced a loss of teeth. In those cases “All-On -4” is the best way out as it can help add that rigid structure back to your face.


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Dr. Ilya Benjamin
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