ZirTeeth: Affordable for Practically Everyone

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

If you have lost a large number of teeth, you may be considering a tooth replacement appliance, such as a denture. However, you may find a traditional denture uncomfortable due to its tendency to slip and move about as you speak or eat. Not only is this embarrassing. It can also impact your overall health by limiting the foods that you can comfortably eat.

Nevertheless, there are teeth replacement appliances that are secured into place. These applications are generally comfortable, natural-looking and stable. Often, the stabilizing support is provided by underlying dental implants, which are installed inside the bone of the jaw and offer the same level of unmovable support as a natural tooth.


Made from zirconium instead of plastic or acrylic, ZirTeethTM are high-quality teeth replacements that are designed for immediate loading and are anchored into place using dental implants. Because these zirconium teeth can be loaded immediately, their placement does not require a large number of dental appointments. In fact, most often, immediate loading, when applied to implant dentistry, means that a prosthetic device is attached to your dental implants within a couple of days of your surgery. Still, before the permanent ZirTeethTM appliance is installed, your Dream Dental dentist may prefer that osseointegration has been completed to ensure that the underlying implants are secure. Until this healing process, which may take several months, is complete, a temporary appliance may be installed.

Multiple considerations must be made during the selection of an immediate-loading dental device, such as ZirTeethTM. The dentist will assess the density of your jawbone, the initial stabilization level of your implants, the health and shape of your gums, your bite and the design of the prosthesis. Yet, even if a bone graft is needed with the installation of your immediate load prosthetic, it can often be performed during the same appointment.

As a result, you are usually able to walk away from your Dream Dental appointment with a full set of teeth. Even so, the Dream Dental professionals may suggest a soft diet for a few months. This will allow the implants to fuse into place without risking failure from undue bite pressure.

Handling the Cost

Even though you may want to have ZirTeethTM installed, you may be concerned about the cost. After all, the cost of most arch treatments begins at about $19,500. Additionally, this price can increase depending on the final type of implants that are selected along with the prosthesis that will be used. Regardless of the initial quote, you should not let the cost scare you.

Third-party financing is available to make the procedure affordable. How? Financial lending companies, such as CareCredit and LendinClub offer low interest rates and affordable monthly payments. As long as you’re able to submit a low down payment, you can usually quickly get started with your treatment.

The restoration of your teeth is an investment in your lifestyle, confidence and health. Since the teeth-replacement appliances are permanent, they are yours to keep forever. Unlike temporary luxuries that may not be worth the investment, such as a car that may only be driven from home to work and back, your teeth will be used every day each time you eat.

Even if you have recently suffered financial difficulties, you may still be able to get the treatment that you need. At Dream Dental office, patients who have undergone a recent bankruptcy or have less-than-stellar credit can have their family members co-sign for the financing of a procedure.

To learn about more financial solutions for your ZirTeethTM dental restoration, contact Dream Dental office.

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