Why Should You Maintain Good Oral Hygiene?

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

Oftentimes, dental treatments cost patients a lot of money. However, a lot of dental diseases can be easily prevented. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper to prevent dental diseases rather than to have them treated. Poor oral hygiene is known to be one of the main causes of various dental problems, from bad breath to oral diseases. That’s why good oral hygiene is incredibly important to your dental health. In this blog, we’ll be providing you with dental care tips you should practice daily to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Brushing teeth helps prevent many dental diseases. So, this important habit to develop as a necessity in your oral hygiene. However, you should brush teeth properly as well. Here, we want to give you some brushing tips.

  •  Regularly brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. It is better to brush teeth an hour after having a meal.
  • Select high quality toothpaste. Make sure that your toothpaste contains fluoride.
  • Dentists typically recommend using a soft-tufted toothbrush. It is also a good idea to use a powered toothbrush.
  • Replace your toothbrush with a new one every 3-4 months.
  • A toothbrush has to be placed correctly. So, the angle between the toothbrush and the gums has to be 45 degrees.
  • When brushing teeth you need to ensure that all areas of each tooth are covered. Brush both inner and outer tooth surfaces. Don’t forget to brush the place where teeth meet the gum.

Clean Between Your Teeth

After brushing teeth you should also clean between your teeth. Cleaning between teeth needs to be done 1-2 times a day. So, plaque between teeth will be removed. Ideally, you need to use floss for cleaning the spaces between teeth.     

Develop Good Eating Habits

Eating the right foods also helps patients prevent many dental diseases. So, following a healthy diet is important as well as brushing and cleaning between teeth. In order to keep your teeth healthy you definitely need to put limits on sugary foods and drinks. So, it is better to drink tea or coffee without sugar. Then again, those are items that stain the teeth so if you eliminate them from your diet, at least cut them down to a periodic intake vs. multiple intakes per day

Keep in mind that acidic is not good for your dental health. That means that you should cut down on acid foods and drinks. As mentioned earlier, brushing teeth after eating is a good idea. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to brush teeth after each meal – you can also chew sugar-free gum.     

Quit Smoking

Without a doubt, smoking affects dental health significantly. It is important to know that smoking poses a huge risk of developing gum disease. Smoking is bad for overall health as well. It’s a tough ask, but do your best to quit smoking!           

Regularly Visit the Dentist for Check Ups

Visiting a dentist for regular check-ups helps prevent many tooth and gum diseases. It is much easier to treat dental diseases in the early stages. Ideally, you should see a dentist in las vegas for check-ups twice per year.

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