Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

Gum disease affects your dental health and often results in tooth loss as well as many other negative consequences. Without a doubt, gum disease requires fast and proper treatment. That means that it is very important for patients to diagnose and treat the disease successfully in the early stages.

In order to prevent gum disease you need to visit your dentist in Las Vegas for check-ups regularly. Moreover, you should be aware of a few warning signs of gum disease. Keep in mind that if gum disease is not treated for a prolonged period of time your bone and gum tissue can be destroyed. So, if you’ve noticed any of these symptoms of gum disease, do not wait, visit your dentist immediately.

Gum Disease Symptoms

 – It is worth noting that the gums will bleed frequently if a patient suffers from gum disease. When gum disease starts developing in your month you may see bleeding after brushing as well as eating hard food. Do not just sit tight assuming you simply have sensitive gums; you should see your dental specialist and inform them about this symptom as soon as possible.  

– Are your gums tender, swollen or red? Do you often feel pain in your month? If so, you must definitely visit your dentist in Las Vegas immediately.

– Try to press your teeth. Do you see pus between your teeth and gums when teeth are pressed? That can be a sign of gum disease.

– Do you have persistent bad breath in your month? Keep in mind that bad breath you just simply can’t cure with brushing or mouth wash is often caused by gum disease.

– Have you noticed that your bite has changed? Maybe the size of your bite, the strength of, or it simply just feels different. It is important to know that gum disease often causes change in bite.

– Are your teeth loose or separating? Though this is common with old age, it should not be a regular occurrence amongst the young and healthy.

Tips to Help You Prevent Gum Disease Successfully

Remember, it is easier and cheaper to prevent gum disease in the early stages rather than cure it completely in the latter stages. Have you noticed one of warning signs of gum disease described above? See your dentist professional immediately!

However, oftentimes gum disease goes unnoticed in the early stages, so you may see no gum disease symptoms at the beginning. Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t figure out that they have gum disease until an advanced stage of the disease begins. Luckily for all of us, gum disease can be prevented easily. All that you need to do for successful prevention of the disease is to visit your dentist for regular check-ups at least two times per year.  

Would you like to see a reliable dentist who has huge experience in diagnosing and advising on the approriate treatment options for gum disease? Simply want to learn more about gum disease? My Dream Dental is the answer! Highly experienced dentists will help you with oral health checkups. If a dental problem is found during check-ups you can be sure that it will be solved quickly and professionally! 

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