OMG! My Root Canal Is Going Bad! What Now?

Ilya Benjamin, DMD
Answer: DO NOT PANIC.  There are plenty of options, one of them is a dental implant.

In this video, you will see a patient that came a long way from San Diego to be treated for a failing Root Canal.  Although, we told the patient a long time ago that the root canal is failing, it took him many years later to learn it the hard way.  Besides the rapid onset of “Doc, something is wrong,” a patient may start feeling mild swelling in the affected area.  In addition, since the nerve is removed; the pain that is felt is very dull radiating from the bottom of the tooth.  Ironically, in dentistry its called the apex.

You see, the success rate of a root canals is about 95% and then falls to 85 within five years.  One of the options of a failing root canal is a procedure called, “retreatment.”  Retreatment is basically a way to remove the old filling material ie., Gutta Percha so that the system can be cleansed out and resealed.  At Dream Dental, we don’t prefer this modality of treatment, since most root canal retreatments have a success rate of 65%.  In such situations, we elect the treatment of a dental implant.

In the video above, you will see after effects of a failing tooth being replaced by an implant.  We took great pictures for you to see that there is very little difference between an implant crown and real tooth.

One of the main reasons why I truly believe in the implant solution, is very simple!  Not only am I a Dentist, but a patient.  I too have an implant that replaced a failing root canal.

Overall, if you are living with chronic pain after a root canal, it may be time to get it checked out.  Call our office for a comprehensive evaluation.


Ilya Benjamin, DMD

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Ilya Benjamin, DMD
Written by Ilya Benjamin, DMD