How Beneficial Is An In-House Lab ” Did You Know?

Dr. Ilya Benjamin


Have you ever had pain in your teeth? At one point or another, you most likely have experienced some form of a dental issue, even something as minor as discomfort in your gums.
Definitely every one of us faces dental issues. Some more than others. Sometimes the issues are minor enough that our bodies naturally heal in no time on their own. However, It’s important still important to pay the dentist a visit regularly to ensure your dental health is upkept. So when you do visit a dental clinic, you may notice a plethora of equipment in the facility. Most of them are essential parts of any dental clinic.

A good, experienced dentist is one who is not only great in his field but well equipped with the appropriate tools as well. If a dentist is not aware of advancements in their field, their treatment methods may be out-dated and more than likely not the best that you can get.
Engineers are working not only to facilitate doctors but to enhance the quality and outcome of treatments as well. Therefore, its imperative for individuals in the field of dentistry to keep themselves current with technological/ procedural advancements.
An important point to note is that having equipment in-house within their own labs for dentists is much better than the reverse; especially for you the patient. The larger expense absorbed by the dentists to have some of the larger machinery in-house goes a long way in saving you time for the dental procedure you need. It also goes a long way in increasing their reliability and decrease their dependence on others.

Dentists may think it’s not feasible or may consider in-house equipment a luxury. In a way, yes, it’s true. However, when put into perspective, these aren’t expensive machines which you tuck away in a corner to collect dust; being utilized very rarely. These are heavy duty-equipment a modern day dentist absolutely needs to use continuously. In implant dentistry, a perfect example of such a machine is the Annan Girbach 5Axis Milling Machine.

Annan Girback 5 Axis Milling Machine is a dental implant milling machine, one utilized to do what the name implies; forge dental implants. The usage of this machine is anything but rare. Here is a brief informational on the milling machine:
Dental Milling process has become very precise, quick and reliable with this machine. Annan Girbach Milling Machine has been introduced with many options i.e:

 Ceramill Mikro, great for dry milling.
 Ceramill Motion 2–4x,which is best for both dry and wet milling.
 Ceramill Motion 2 – 5x, an extension of the 4x, also comes with the best of both worlds; good  for both dry and wet milling.

At Dream Dental, we cut no corners. We’ve got access to the Annan Girbch Milling Machine. The best part for our patients?The machine is in-house! When comparing our prices to get the milling done with our
competitors, keeping in mind the time frames and accuracy promised, it’ll be an easy decision for you.

Therefore, it’s a recommendation for all busy dentists that they look into equipping themselves with the latest and greatest tools (such as the Annan Girbach Milling Machine) for success and patient satisfaction in the field of oral healthcare.


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