G4 vs ZirTeeth.  Is there really a difference in the process?

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

The answer is YES!  Read more to find out why?

There seems to be slight confusion about G4 that  gets offered in Las Vegas by a general dentist.  In reality, G4 is a nothing but a bridge held by dental implants.  Primarily, the promise is to complete entire treatment within a short period of time.  Typically, we are talking about 3 to 4 days.  At One&Only, we strongly disagree with this philosophy.  Read below why.

  • Gums take time to heal after surgery: This is important since if you rush to take a final impression to deliver final teeth, you will have “air pockets” underneath the bridge causing food trap.  But you wont know that until you get home ;(
  • Implants may fail during process of “osseointegration”  In dental terms, “osseo” means bone; hence osseointegration means bone integration around the implant.  Current research states that it takes from 4 to 6 months for this to occur.  Remember, integration is the “hugging” process of bone around the implant.
  • Expectations of patients not met through such a fast paced process.

At One&Only, we take time in finishing your teeth.  We believe that if the almighty can take up to 16 years to give you a set of teeth, please give us 6 months to finish them right!  

Hence, our process for ZirTeeth is slightly different than that of our competitor offering G4.  For instance, we allow the tissue to heal as you wear the temporary.  In addition, we wait and test the implants’ stability before taking the final impression.  For patients that have a very high esthetic expectation, we allow them to wear the temporary as long as it takes to establish the following

  • esthetics
  • function
  • phonetics.  (This dictates the sound of your speech.   You will be suprised that if the teeth are not designed naturally, you will have a “whisteling” sound)

Overall, when choosing a provider for your full mouth rehabilitation — get all your questions answered.  

We understand that this is may be an exciting transformation process; however you need to have all your facts.  

Good luck and peace be with you!

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

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Dr. Ilya Benjamin
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