Durability of Dental Treatments and How It Effects Health

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

Dental clinics in Las Vegas offer various treatments options to their clients today. Some of these treatments include: dental braces, Invisalign aligners, traditional dental implants as well as all on four dental implants. In this blog, we will provide readers with information about different types of dental treatments, compare them to each other and explain how each of dental options effects oral health.

Invisalign vs Dental Braces

Invisalign and dental braces are two teeth alignment options available to patients today. The main goal of these two dental procedures is to strengthen the teeth structure. Teeth alignment procedures are used when the need for correcting the position, or improving the appearance of the teeth arises.

So, what are the differences between Invisalign and dental braces? Comparing two teeth alignment options, it is important to note that it takes a patient much more time to get dental braces installed. Dental braces are painful and visible. Despite the fact dental braces provide effective and permanent results, a lot of individuals find it uncomfortable to wear them. That’s why they choose to take advantage of the innovative Invisalign system.

It is worth noting that Invisalign has a lot of important advantages over traditional dental braces. Invisalign is virtually invisible and less painful. Invisalign is also easier to manage. In fact, a patient can remove the Invisalign at any time. With Invisalign you can eat anytime and maintain good oral hygiene easily. This procedure allows dentists to achieve effective and permanent results as well. Unlike dental braces, Invisalign doesn’t affect patient’s speech. It takes a patient about 6 months – 1 year to see improvements. Without a doubt, Invisalign is a great alternative to dental braces.              

All on 4 vs Traditional Dental Implants

Do you need to get your set of teeth replaced? If so, you will most likely choose between two dental options – traditional dental implants or all on four implants. Patients need to know that it takes a lot of time for a dentist to install traditional dental implants. Oftentimes, a patient need to visit their dentist in Las Vegas several times to get new teeth. Therefore, traditional dental implants may not be the right option for individuals who may not be readily available for multiple return visits to the dentist.   

However, it takes a dentist less time to install all on 4 implants. So, a patient can get a new set of teeth in one day. All on four dental implants have many other benefits over traditional dental implants. All on 4 implants also have a beautiful and natural look. They are easier to maintain and more durable comparing to traditional dental implants.

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