Dedication is one of our core values: Kudos to Natalie

Dr. Ilya Benjamin

Behind the engine that makes Dream Dental work are great people that work endlessly in pursuit of making our patients feel great.  This is exemplified by our new team member, Natalie.  Read on, to find out why!

We worried when we found out it was kidney stone

You see, not too long ago, she missed work from being too sick.  Being Monday, we thought that perhaps it was an over extended partying in Las Vegas; however when we found out it was a kidney stone, we became very empathetic.   Come the next day, I was pleasantly surprised to see her back at her desk.  I knew then on the spot that Natalie was more then just some one that would punch in and out, she was dedicated.  So much, that when she walked she limped.  And even when we tried to tell her to get some rest, she refused but worked intensely on her job duties.

When my parents told me that adage, “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” is true.  And in business, it should say, “show me your employees and I’ll tell you what type of business you are.”

Overall, I am very proud of Natalie for her dedication to stick around during her surprising malady.   If you want to join a great team and culture, please fill out our job application online.

Until then, we will be serving our patients with the best intentions with our dedicated staff.



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Dr. Ilya Benjamin
Written by Dr. Ilya Benjamin
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