Why choose a Dentist with an In-House Lab?

They say that Dentistry is both an art and science. Obviously, the art comes from both the dentist and lab technician. The latter is so important that we at Dream Dental invested over half a million dollars in technology and training. Unfortunately, most dentists send their lab work elsewhere; and sometimes to countries like Vietnam to save money. But we disagree with this policy. Our philosophy is provide our patients with the best outcomes, and this involves a close partnership with a dental lab.

How did we come to this conclusion?
After many years of practicing dentistry, I found to my dismay that the quality of work coming out of labs was not to our standards. In 2016, I embarked on a new journey of lab creation. I spent many hours contemplating how to make the best product. And all the answers came to one thing: that if you want to get things done your way, you have to do it yourself. That is why, I chose to purchase the best design software, 3Shape and state of the art milling machine, Amin Girrbah to deliver patients the best results. In my journey, I discovered that a silent disruption was happening in the dental lab business. Specifically, technology and new material implementation was surpassing the the knowledge of an average Dentist. What this means is that what most dentists had learned in School has become obsolete.

A good example of this is the Digital Denture solutions that we provide to our patients. Unlike other offices that you will find in Las Vegas, we have a workflow that truly is a Dream! For instance, let's say that you have an ill fitting denture, we are able to a precise impression using your denture and scan it through our software for a new set that not only fits but looks amazing.

Another example is custom shade and fabrication during cosmetic dentistry. When a patient comes in for a crown or a veneer, there are lots of materials that are available for a Dentist to choose. By having an in-house lab, we can use our expertise in material selection (eMax or Full Zirconia) to deliver what the patient wants. Since we handle these materials, we know their properties and how they solve problems in specific situations.
Overall, I hope you know understand that an in house lab plays a vital part in delivering the dentistry that you want. I hope to see you soon to discuss your needs.

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